Gartenzimmer of Romantik Hotel Sternen Kriegstetten


The elegant coziness in the garden room has a relaxing effect, lets forget everyday life. Delightful people will find sophisticated seasonal creations, proven classics from the Swiss kitchen and the unique "13-course-menu".

When it gets colder outside, the leaves turn white and the first clouds of mist rise, man and woman get really excited about our seasonal racers: tender deer schnitzel, homemade deer pepper and of course the venison "stars", which we traditionally serve on the silver platter. In addition, Chef Pierre has come up with some particularly sophisticated creations. Try the cordon bleu of boar with wild boar ham and Gomser Bergkäse cheese or the exquisite venison steak under an almond crust. First of all, you must not miss the crepinette from the quail with porcini mushroom tartare.

Business Lunch

Three business lunch options (meat, fish and vegetarian) and popular Swiss classics are available. Ideal for business people and connoisseurs who want to be price-conscious and quickly pampered in a quieter atmosphere at noon.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday:
11.30 am - 2 pm | 6 pm - 11 pm
Sunday: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm

Our 13 course menu

Chef Pierre Kaufeis and his team show you what they have in it all ...

With 13 courses, all freshly prepared from the ground up, you will be surprised and culinary spoils:

sometimes big - sometimes small
sometimes cold - sometimes warm
times liquid - sometimes
sometimes fishy - sometimes fleshy
sometimes vegetable - sometimes fruity
sometimes hot - sometimes mild
sometimes salty - sometimes sweet